General Fiscal Representation

General Fiscal Representation

General Fiscal Representation

Tax representation in Greece may be of interest to companies established in European Union (E.U.) countries outside Greece, which purchase goods from third countries (outside the E.U.) and thus have the opportunity to sell them directly in Greece, the first country of entry of goods in the E.U. with their own VAT number. In this way they do not reveal to their Greek customers the commercial sources of their goods. These companies can ask the Greek tax authorities to register their tax representation in Greece by appointing a person of their liking and trust as a tax representative.

Once the tax representation is approved, they are given a Greek VAT number while they remain accountable to the Greek authorities for transactions related to their imports into Greece while they are obliged to keep through their tax representative books that include VAT account and generally accounting of their activity and VAT of their import activities.

Considering that incoming cargo under such status requires freight and transport services, we can serve interested traders and shippers both as their freight forwarder and fiscal representative in Greece with responsibility and confidentiality, protecting their commercial interests and sources of supply.

Our services include:

  • Greek VAT registration
  • Fiscal formalities
  • Fiscal documentation &accounting
  • Customs clearance
  • Ocean freight (FCL/LCL)
  • Road transport (FTL/PTL/LTL)
  • Air freight
  • Project transport
  • Multi-modal & Inter-Modal transport
  • Warehousing
  • Distribution

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