International Trade Fairs & Events

International Trade Fairs & Events

International Trade Fairs & Events

Logistics of trade shows, events and performances are an application of Project Logistics since each such event is a Project that usually does not take place at the same location regularly. Such events aim to gather, group, transport and deliver all the materials, components, structures, machinery, exhibits and other resources required in order to effectively set up the event. Such events are trade fairs, performances, conferences, ceremonies, formal events, concerts, sporting events, etc.

Their successful organization depends on the timely availability and placement of materials according to predetermined requirements of the organizers and the program. In order to effectively provide the services provided to the supply chain of such an event, careful study and planning of transport, handling of special loads, warehousing, customs clearance, documentation services and flow control must precede. In addition, the company providing these services must have discussed with the organizers and understood the technical issues that may be involved, so that everything is ready at the beginning of each event. Most of the time after the end of each event these materials as well as the accessories are stored and after orders are re-exported for use in a similar event.

The planning process includes the required coordination of individual movements, time budget, costs and detailed display of required itineraries, mapping of the area and the venue of the event, obtaining transport and traffic permits where required, parking arrangements and alternative plan in case of need preventive or corrective actions are taken. It is common for some of the required materials to come from more than one country and the organizers to be in a country other than the one where the event will take place.

So, we at ‘’SKG’’ Cargo Services, have the required knowledge, expertise and experience to offer event logistics managing their supply chains.

‘’Whatever your cargo destination may be, ‘’SKG’’ Cargo Services provides you with the most competitive and reliable solution’’

providing transportation services such as:

  • AEO & ISO Certified (ISO-9001:2015)
  • Regular itineraries
  • Weekly departures
  • European and Overseas transit cargo
  • FTL (Full Trailer Loads)/PTL (Part Trailer Loads)/LTL (groupage)
  • Intermodal PW HC (Pallet Wide High Cube)
  • Solutions tailored to specific needs
  • Full monitoring and information throughout the shipment and delivery to the final destination
  • Harmless / Hazardous Cargo (ADR Class 2-9)
  • Controlled-temperature
  • Perishables (Fresh and Refrigerated Products)
  • Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics
  • Electronic Equipment (batteries included (tablet, cellphones))
  • Warehouse handling
  • Cargo insurance (CMR)
  • Safe stacking
  • Collections/deliveries
  • Packing / Repacking / palletizing
  • Customs Clearance
  • Cargo surveys

Our goal… to exceed your expectations!


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SKG Cargo

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