Special Transportation

Special Transportation

Special Transportation

We offer a number of specialty services relating to freight that because of its nature and requirements for particular compliance needs transportation under special transport and storage conditions, documentation, licensing, attendance and expertise logistical arrangements to secure safe, timely and quality delivery. Whether temperature-controlled freight, classified as Dangerous / Harmful Goods (ADR, IMO, DG), special packaging and crating, those that have dimensions and weights in addition to the standard means of transport offered, Foodstuff, Boats, Motor Vehicles Spare Parts , Pharmaceuticals, Perishables, High Value, Art & Exhibition Materials, Performance Equipment, Diplomatic and Military Cargo, Chemicals, Project Cargo, time critical delivery or compliance to specific customs regulations we have the expertise to deliver to expectations..

Specialized cargo management requires special monitoring to ensure that relevant accompanying documents and documentation are adequately completed.

  • We check in thorough detail, clarify and confirm with the customer the relevant requirements
  • We process issues related to standards and regulations before transfer
  • Properly organize packaging, handling, storage and stacking
  • We offer insurance services for the whole route
  • We take care of the documentation of special transports according to standard prescribed procedures
  • We check whether any requirements of route customs and other authorities needed, thus ensuring the legality of the transfer
  • We properly forward the instructions and all the essential details to the involved parts of the supply chain

Our goal… to exceed your expectations!

Hours Of Operation

Mon. - Friday.: 08:30 – 17:30

Sat: Closed

Sun.: Closed

Our Location

Main office : 21,
Ν. Kountourioti Str – 546 25 Thessaloniki – Greece
Warehouse : Navarinou Str, (Pontou – Diavaton byway), Field 675, Delta Municipality, 570 08 Diavata Area – Thessaloniki – Greece

SKG Cargo

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