We at ‘’SKG’’ Cargo Services, ship regularly Greek and Mediterranean foodstuffs to the Global Markets. Whether FTL/LTL, FCL/LCL or by Air. Regarding controlled temperature products during storage and transportation, whether in Containers, Trailers or Airfreight we make effectively all necessary arrangements. Follow up of specific documentation services are also provided. The transport of perishable and fresh products - from and to all over the world - such as fish, fruit, dairy and food, has been our activity in recent years. Having experience, we know that the transport of fresh and perishable products is an area that needs special attention and care, so we designed our extensive portfolio of general and specialized services and the processes contained so that it can be adapted to specific requirements of our customers depending on their needs.

The transport of perishable goods challenging for Freight Forwarding, logistics and supply chain management companies that undertake them as there is a critical delivery time, controlled-temperatures and time critical goods while safety issues regarding foodstuffs are also involved. Customer’s overgrowing demand for immediate market accessibility is rapidly growing and its exponential curve is constantly increasing. This is happening because of the great number of different products which coming from different countries with different shelf life per product, at any time of the year.

Despite the fact that transporting refrigerators Containers or trucks are cost effective methods on shorter routes and for larger batches (FCL, LTL) air transport can be the ideal solution for long distances. However, whether air transport is a sufficient way depends on possible restrictions on finding space in the hold of aircrafts on specific routes. At the stage of transport preparation of the product the nature of it and its limitations must be identified in detail. In general, it is quite frequent phenomenon that perishable goods can be damaged or even putrefied if exposed to inappropriate temperature and humidity conditions. If they are pharmaceuticals, they can become unsafe or ineffective in their action.

Here at ‘’SKG’’ Cargo Services we have the required knowledge, specialization and experience to offer complete solutions regarding logistics about perishables and simultaneously we can manage their supply chains.

‘’Whatever your cargo destination may be, ‘’SKG’’ Cargo Services provides you with the most competitive and reliable solution’’

providing transportation services such as:

  • AEO & ISO Certified (ISO-9001:2015)
  • Regular itineraries
  • Weekly departures
  • European and Overseas transit cargo
  • FTL (Full Trailer Loads)/PTL (Part Trailer Loads)/LTL (groupage)
  • Intermodal PW HC (Pallet Wide High Cube)
  • Solutions tailored to specific needs
  • Full monitoring and information throughout the shipment and delivery to the final destination
  • Harmless / Hazardous Cargo (ADR Class 2-9)
  • Controlled-temperature
  • Perishables (Fresh and Refrigerated Products)
  • Pharmaceuticals and Cosmetics
  • Electronic Equipment (batteries included (tablet, cellphones))
  • Warehouse handling
  • Cargo insurance (CMR)
  • Safe stacking
  • Collections/deliveries
  • Packing / Repacking / palletizing
  • Customs Clearance
  • Cargo surveys

Our goal… to exceed your expectations!

Hours Of Operation

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Our Location

Main office : 21,
Ν. Kountourioti Str – 546 25 Thessaloniki – Greece
Warehouse : Navarinou Str, (Pontou – Diavaton byway), Field 675, Delta Municipality, 570 08 Diavata Area – Thessaloniki – Greece

SKG Cargo

SKG Thessaloniki Cargo Services is a new company in the field of agencies - transport - Logistics.